After helping over 200 families deal with the aftermath of stucco related damage and improper repairs, 6 Philadelphia contractors created OurStuccoHome.com to bring awareness to this growing problem and help people understand their options.


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It's not a problem that will go away. If you have a problem behind your stucco, waiting to address it can potentially cause more damage and cost more money to repair.


Selling a home for maximum value can be a challenge when stucco issues are present. Protect your investment from the stigma of stucco and investigate your options before you put your home on the market.


Dealing with stucco related damage is complicated and trusting who you work with to inspect, assess and repair your home is essential to a successful job well done.

Three important considerations if you own a stucco home.

No matter who you choose to help you with your stucco remediation project, you deserve to know how to address the problem from the start. Download and review the stucco assessment checklist before you hire anyone to inspect, assess or repair your home. 

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What's going on behind your stucco?

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